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The system suggestions shown are recommendations from FOUR MASTER professional installers. However, with a vast array of excellent car audio products to select from we are confident that we can provide you with the best system possible for your budget and taste.

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Audi - Car Audio Upgrades


Audi Audio Joy

The Audi TT may be small but the interior feels more "roomy" once the small sound audio system is upgraded to properly fill the interior of this fantastic car.

This simple Audio Joy upgrade will bring the car to life and truly enhance the driving experience. As always we begin by establishing a more rigid environment for the door speakers by lining all possible areas of blank metal in the doors with Skinz sound deadening. A single Skinz Retail Pack should do nicely however, you can choose to have your FOUR MASTER go further with treating this car which will significantly reduce road and wind noise.

In this case study, both front and rear speakers have been replaced with products from the comprehensive Hertz range. Known for value for money sound, the Hertz Energy ESK 165.5's fitted to the front produce fantastic sound for their price and suit fast-paced music with high transient characteristic like dance and electronica but are equally adept at rock music with exciting mid bass and clear high frequencies. The rear speakers have been upgraded to Hertz Dieci DCX 165.3 coaxials that run directly from the rear outputs of the head unit. In this instance the rears are used to add rear-fill for a sound that surrounds the vehicle's occupants. This is by no means necessary and not to everyone's taste but can offer a feeling of sitting inside the sound stage. Due to the dispersion characteristics of the Hertz tweeters in the front, it is easy to establish an accurate sound stage with extraordinary width and depth.

In this instance a 2-channel Rainbow Dream amplifier powers the front speakers. This compact amplifier from Germany brings all of Rainbow's experience and knowledge of vehicle interiors to bear in a surprisingly small package, essential in this car where space is at a premium.

One of the major challenges with this vehicle is getting bass excitement married up with the front end. Here, the very capable Hertz Dieci DBA 200.3 is employed. Featuring an 8" driver enclosed in a small box with two passive radiators - These add additional cone area and are driven in sympathy with the driver to add plenty of low bass. The enclosure is adorned with a 300 Watt amplifier and the whole package takes up very little space while punching well above its weight.

The improvement in sonic performance will add extra excitement to the driving experience.


Approx. Equipment Cost - £729.95.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Audi Audio Heaven

The Audi A6 Allroad really catches the eye and this audio upgrade can make sure that it sounds good too. This particular system is featured in Issue 6 of Driving Sounds Magazine where it clearly impressed.

All good audio upgrades begin with sound deadening and treatment using Skinz products. The bear minimum would be to treat the doors behind speaker apertures with Skinz sound deadening and Skinz Wave Diffuser. However you don't have to stop there and many who are serious about their audio systems will go to much greater extremes applying sound deadening and panel liner to the rest of the car including roof, in order to further reduce the effects of road noise. Even without an audio system installed, a deadened car will feel more luxurious to drive when external noise is attenuated in this way.

Distortion is our enemy. Not only does it make music hard to fathom and unpick, it can seriously damage your ears! Most factory head units will start distorting at around 50% of volume level and some by as much as 20%. We therefore need to intercept a clean signal and ensure that levels are matched accurately to the amplifier we are using. In this case, we use the popular Audison bit One processor which when coupled with a DRC controller offers the driver some control of top line sound functions but without making the on-board system controls redundant. The processor is extremely powerful and features 31-band graphic equalisation on each of its eight channels as well as time alignment and on-board crossovers for those running active systems.

As standard, the vehicle is equipped with a three-way component speaker system. These are removed and replaced with the rather special Hertz Mille Legend speakers. These fit nicely into the factory positions and are driven from a Hertz HDP 5 amplifier. The amplifier is configured to run the mid range and tweeters in passive mode and the woofers actively. The three-way front end is supplemented with a Hertz Energy ES 250D 10" subwoofer in a custom enclosure. The enclosure is built into the sidewall of the luggage compartment utilising existing voids to give the enclosure the volume of air required to get the best from the subwoofer.

This system offers a tremendously musical and genre-neutral system that will eek the best out of any music you throw at it.

Approximate Equipment Cost: £ 2489.92.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Audi Audio Expert

James Haughey knows a bit about audio. He has his own studio where he produces high quality mix music. He has learnt that factory audio systems in cars are not at all what he wants, which is why his brand new Audi RS6 was delivered directly to his local FOUR MASTER rather than to his own house! - Read all about it in Driving Sounds Magazine Issue IV (Rowdy Audi)

Genuine music lovers and audiophiles prefer to got the extra mile in order to get an in car audio experience that gets close to the performance of their often extravagant home audio system. This example goes one step beyond in order to provide fantastic reproduction and requires some vehicle modification in order to achieve it.

What was Mr. Audi thinking when he decided to fit mid range speakers behind the door handles in the front of this luxury vehicle? - Yes, this particular model is designed around the vehicle's performance but even so, at this kind of money, some joined up thinking would be assumed!

It's OK though as FOUR MASTERS are on hand to solve this and other issues which seriously compromise the enjoyment of this vehicle. In this particular case, remanufacturing the front or A-pillar trim to accommodate a pair of very excellent Audison Voce AV 3.0 mid-range speakers solved the issue. The accompanying Voce AV 1.1 tweeters are also mounted in the A-pillar trim. The result of this strategy is pinpoint positioning of all instruments in the music you are listening to. The ability to unpick a recording and hear every individual instrument is not only exciting but carries with it huge benefits to conveying music as an emotional experience.

This vehicle has been sound treated beyond the norm with both the roof interior and floor treated with Skinz Sound Deadening material as well as Skinz Panel Liner. With this done. The vehicle already feels much more luxurious with road and wind noise surpressed to a minimum.

The Audison Voce range represents the pinnacle of car audio engineering with many exclusive technologies employed to deliver no compromise performance. Yes, there are even better products available but as a range developed to work together, few will offer better off the peg performance that this fabulous range.

In this vehicle, a three-way front speakers system incorporating the tweeters and mid-range speakers mentioned about are supplemented with 6.5" woofers. These are run in active passive configuration with the tweeters and mids running via a passive crossover network while the power hungry woofers enjoy two channels of their own. This configuration offers the installer great flexibility in set up terms. This is achieved using the very excellent Audison bit One processor which allows for endless possibilities for equalisation and time alignment.

A separate Audison Voce monoblock amplifier sits alongside the 4-channel on a purpose made panel under the boot floor. Luggage space is therefore not compromised. A single 12" subwoofer is built into the side wall of the luggage compartment and the custom enclosure it sits in utilises the voids which exist behind the panel to minimise its intrusion into the voluminous boot space.

Finally a DRC remote controller offers the drive some additional control over some sound functions. The bit One allows for separate set ups to be stored in presets but the chief use of this control is to boost or reduce the level of sub-bass which is most likely to be affected by travelling speed and road surface type.

If you insist on total accuracy of sound in your car, this is the kind of system that will have you sitting on the drive in your car waiting for a track to end before getting out and going in to your house!


Approx. Equipment Cost - £3014.90.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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