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The system suggestions shown are recommendations from FOUR MASTER professional installers. However, with a vast array of excellent car audio products to select from we are confident that we can provide you with the best system possible for your budget and taste.

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BMW - Car Audio Upgrades


BMW Audio Joy

Most music loving BMW owners would agree that the One-Series is not blessed with the best audio system. Many are tempted to upgrade the audio at the car dealership. This may not be the finest idea either.

Things can be improved enormously by visiting a FOUR MASTER. The first thing we would do with this car is to treat the door panels with Skinz sound deadening. This ensures a more stable environment on which to build a far batter sonic experience.

It is full understood that in terms of functionality, the vehicle's central control interface is well designed and carries out its many functions well and safely. We would therefore, encourage music lovers to stick with this and add a pair of purpose designed automotive speakers such as Rainbow BMW E/F Series IL-C8.3E.With a wide dispersion characteristic and along with the added door sound treatment, this plug and play upgrade will offer a substantial step up in performance compared to the original system. High frequencies will be rendered with superb clarity while warm, articulate, distortion-free bass tones leave plenty of room for precise mid range that allows listeners to hear things they have not heard before.

The addition of an Audison Prima 8.9 bit amplifier running the speakers actively, will add almost limitless control and significant power uplift. This will further enhance the full audio spectrum enabling listeners to unpick the most complex of music without the usual listener fatigue that has many owners tuning into a talk radio station for a rest!

Approximate Equipment Cost: £1209.97.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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BMW Audio Heaven

Making a BMW sound as good as it looks is always fulfilling. This discrete audio upgrade will satisfy the most demanding of music lovers without compromising the aesthetics of the vehicle.

The Z4 is blessed with positions for a three-way component speaker system. The woofer positions accommodate 8" speakers and therefore the excellent Rainbow E/F - series IL-8.3E is a natural choice. This plug and play set is relatively quick and easy for your FOUR MASTER to install and performs at the highest level. First things first, the doors need a liberal application of Skinz sound deadening material in order to ensure that the sound coming from the speakers is not sullied or coloured by spurious resonances.

Amplification to the front speakers is provided by the very excellent Audison Prima AP 8.9bit. This eight-channel amplifier is configured to run the front speakers actively. The configuration ensures each speaker is driven with clean, distortion free power that will move the speakers in a very controlled manner for pinpoint accuracy and artistic integrity. The 8" woofers are driven by two pairs of bridged channels to ensure that power hungry bass is perfectly balanced with the mid range and tweeters. The processing power built into the amplifier allows your FOUR MASTER to fine tune and time-align the speakers ensuring that all of the generic peculiarities of the vehicle's interior are tuned out leaving near perfect sonic reproduction. In this particular installation the addition of a Hertz High Energy HX 300D 12" dual cone subwoofer in a custom enclosure driven by an Audison Prima AP1 D mono block amplifier adds powerful and beautifully blended sub bass frequencies to help overcome the effects of road noise and ensure those travelling in the vehicle are treated to a full-on audiophile experience.

Approximate Equipment Cost: £1869.94.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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BMW Audio Expert

The BMW 5-series is a vehicle deserving of something a bit special. In this particular specimen, stops have been pulled out in order to achieve incredible levels of musicality, precision and beautifully blended sound across the frequency range.

The first step with any audio upgrade is to treat those doors. There is a good reason why home hi-fi speakers aren't made of sheet metal. Unfortunately, cars are and so steps have to be taken to calm the effects of all that resonant reflective metal from distorting the sound. This is achieved by lining the doors with an adhesive, bituminous material from Skinz to deaden those resonances. Furthermore, Skinz Wave diffuser breaks up any reflections from the deadened door panels from affecting the movement of the speaker cone and reduse distortion even more.

The speakers chosen for this particular installation are made by Rainbow. The German manufacturer of high-end car hifi has developed a pair of no compromise tweeters for their Profi range. With particular attention paid to lowering resonant frequency and damping, the tweeters are quite large. Keen to get the maximum benefit of these beautifully engineered tweeters, the FOUR MASTER fabricated custom A-pillars to accommodate the units and point them in toward the passenger and driving positions. The resulting stereo image is astonishing and if there was ever a vehicle to demonstrate just how much music gets lost when heard over standard equipment, this is it.

Approximate Equipment Cost: £3849.99.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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