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The system suggestions shown are recommendations from FOUR MASTER professional installers. However, with a vast array of excellent car audio products to select from we are confident that we can provide you with the best system possible for your budget and taste.

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Ford - Car Audio Upgrades


Audio Joy Ford Focus

You don't have to break the bank to experience a substantial uplift in the quality of the factory fitted audio in a Ford Focus.

For many second hand car buyers the key motivators when choosing are: running costs, driving style and comfort. It is often not until you have owned one and driven it for a while that the audio system disappoints. In fact, the following words have all been used to describe the audio in this vehicle: bland, uninteresting, flat, no defined highs and lows, without any dynamics.

A great place to start is with the front speakers. In fact, many customers have begun and ended their car audio journey here as a well-treated pair of doors housing well-designed speakers adds so much more to the sound of the Ford Focus. We especially recommend Audison Prima APK 165, 2-way component speakers. These are designed to overcome many of the positional shortcomings built in to nearly all cars as standard. What's more they are a relatively easy installation into this vehicle. But first and just as important, we advise that Skinz sound deadening and wave diffuser is used to treat the doors. This reduces road noise but also ensures that the energy from the new speakers is delivered into the car rather bouncing around in flexing untreated door panels. These speakers will work extremely well directly off the factory head unit but to take things to another level, the addition of an extremely compact Audison Prima AP 4D 4-channel amplifier is advised. Two channels can drive up to 70 Watts RMS into the front pair of speakers while the rear channels can be bridged to drive 140 Watts RMS into a Hertz Bass Baby subwoofer enclosure fitted with a Hertz Energy ES200 8" subwoofer.

Apart from the subwoofer, all equipment can be installed out of view and as easy to take out as it is to install making this system perfect for lease or company cars. It also delivers fantastic full range audio from the warm low bass tones to the pinpoint detail and clarity at the top end. If you love your music, you will love this Audio Joy system!

Equipment List:

Approximate equipment cost: £770.00.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Ford Focus - Audio Heaven

The Ford Focus is an extremely popular car. The diesel version is relatively quiet, runs nicely and costs just £20 per year to tax.

However, owners complain that the standard entertainment system leaves much to be desired. Despite the inclusion of a basic signal processor it is difficult to get a pleasing, musical sound from it. The detail below is based on a vehicle that Driving Sounds Magazine reviewed in issue V. You will find the whole article for download here: (Hyperlink)

When assessing a new system for a customer it is often telling to look at the way the equalisation controls have been set. Usually, FOUR MASTERS find the bass and mid frequency levels on the on-board equaliser are boosted hugely while the treble is reduced almost to nothing. This is because high-end distortion is extremely unpleasant and a lack of bass results in a tiring listen as you strain to hear low-end information.

As standard, this car suffers from badly distorted high frequencies even at relatively low levels. There is a big deficiency of mid-range frequencies. And when turned up, the bass is over exaggerated and "peaky". All in all this is not a great environment for hearing your favourite music.

A pair of Audison Prima APK 165's slim-fit high-tech replacement component speakers will improve things hugely. All Prima speakers contain a lot of new technology designed to optimise performance when installed into factory speaker positions, which are often extremely restrictive. For instance, an acoustic lens fitted to the tweeters helps to de-emphasise the disturbingly distracting high frequency humps associated with poorly designed tweeter housings and grills, while a unique triple wave surround on the woofer helps to ensure linear, distortion-free performance even at high bass levels. Special consideration has also been given to the off-axis performance of the speakers as the mounting positions are not really suitable for humans who do not happen to have ears on the sides of their knees.

The front doors benefit enormously when treated with Skinz sound deadening. Wave diffuser and panel liner used on the inside of the door cards will establish much better conditions for producing good audio.

For those who want an almost home hifi experience in their car, the addition of an Audison Prima AP 5.9bit, five-channel amplifier and a Hertz Bass Baby subwoofer box fitted with an 8inch Hertz Energy ES200 sub offers a superb listening experience.

The addition of an amplifier is not necessarily all about making the car very loud. It is more about the control of speaker excursions allowing a good installer to achieve a perfect balance across the desired frequency ranges. The AP 5.9bit amplifier features a built-in processor, which allows for channel time alignment and offers a 30-band graphic equaliser on each of its five output channels. This can help your installer achieve a vivid soundstage reproducing as exactly as possible where the artist intended each instrument to sit in the overall mix.

An 8" Hertz Energy subwoofer in a small enclosure (Bass Baby) may not reach down to 20Hz but reproduces lush bass tones which are easy to integrate with the front speakers offering a high-class well-balanced musical experience suitable for all musical genres.

Apart from the Bass Baby subwoofer enclosure, all elements of this system can be hidden from view. A discrete subwoofer could be accommodated if preferred.

The Equipment

Approximate Equipment Cost: £1,200.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Ford Focus - Audio Expert

One of our favourite installs is a Ford Focus RS, which featured in issue IV of Driving Sounds Magazine (You can download the article here for very little money:

By definition, an Audio Expert system is for those who know their way around sound. Audio Expert installs are demonstrated a lot, sometimes proudly and other times ostentatiously at car shows and public events. This was the case for the installation in this particular installation. Above all however, an Audio Expert system will have been designed to thrill the driver and passengers.

An Expert system will generally involve a lot of custom work in order to display product or simply accommodate multiple amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers. Inside the luggage compartment in this particular car there are two Audison Voce amplifiers mounted under Perspex on a stunning fabricated fibreglass feature panel colour-matched to the outside of the vehicle. The build is illuminated by a string of blue LEDs that run around the edge of the build.

The design and build of an expert system requires a much deeper knowledge of the customer?s musical preferences than other levels and quite a good deal of time is spent auditioning tracks and discussing the elements the customer particularly likes to hear before putting pen to paper.

In this case, the customer was particularly keen on replicating strong deep bass. He also wanted rear-seated passengers to get a similar experience to those sat up front and so the vehicle is equipped with two pairs of Audison Voce AV K6's. This is most unusual and led to a bit of a shortage of amplified channels for the installers to work with. Without the need for rear speakers, the installer would naturally have run the front components from four amplified channels via and Audison bit processor. To that there is anything wrong with highly engineered passive crossovers supplied with each set of the Voces.

The bottom end is catered for by the inclusion of two 10" Audison Voce subwoofers in their own custom enclosures on either side of the luggage compartment. The fabrication is awesome and it is difficult to discern where car stops and install starts!

In this instance, the customer chose to change the head unit. This is by no means compulsory, as most head units will output a reasonable audio feed. The result is fantastic with plenty of deep bass. There is a level control to help keep this under control! - The Voce AV K6's reprodicue crystal clear sound with every musical nuance discernible at whatever level you listen at. This car goes loud and still sounds beautiful! But it doesn't have to??


Approximate Equipment Cost £3,250.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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