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The system suggestions shown are recommendations from FOUR MASTER professional installers. However, with a vast array of excellent car audio products to select from we are confident that we can provide you with the best system possible for your budget and taste.

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General - Car Audio Upgrades


Audio Joy

Any car owner can enjoy an audio upgrade. Your FOUR MASTER is best placed to tell you which products will fit your own particular vehicle and will even offer opinion on what would be right for your genre preferences and budget.

An audio Joy experience will convince you that you are worth more than the very ordinary sound that comes as standard in almost every car. Huge benefits can be realised by simply upgrading the speakers and adding Skinz Sound Deadening to the door panels.

The choice of speakers is vast and will be dependent in part on the standard speaker mounting positions in your car. As a general rule these tend to be 4", 5" or 6.5" and we also need to identify whether the standard equipment is based on a two-way set with separate tweeter positions or a coaxial set.

Separate tweeters are often preferable as they tend to sit high up in the vehicle while the woofers are often placed low down in the doors which means extracting high frequency information is more of a challenge. However, Italian car audio manufacturer, Audison has put a lot of time and effort into developing coaxial speaker systems with an ultra-wide dispersion characteristic to ensure that even in these circumstances, you will experience high quality high's as well as lustrous lows. The Audison Prima range receives many excellent reviews and are often the weapon-of-choice for those looking for an instant low cost upgrade.

Whether coaxial or 2-way component, Audison Prima speakers are very efficient which means they will work directly from the standard head unit in your vehicle without the addition of an amplifier. The addition of an amplifier will step the quality up significantly and many customers start with a speaker upgrade and then return to their FOUR MASTER to add an amplifier once budget allows.

We thoroughly recommend an upgrade to Prima speakers and Skinz Sound Deadening for your doors and guarantee that even this upgrade will provide you with Audio Joy.

Approx. Equipment Cost - from £129.98 - £229.98

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Audio Heaven

Listening to great music of your own choice and with high quality is a great way to get you thorough your daily commute or to your holiday destination. Those who choose Audio Heaven will never return to standard fit mundanity.

We believe that a speaker upgrade in any car brings essential audio benefits. Going a step further brings you closer to the emotional engagement experienced when listening at home. An Audio Heaven system can be created for any car and our focus is always on the driver and front-seated passenger. This closely emulates that home experience or even that of attending a gig.

Care has to be taken when considering a system that the elements are all matched and meant to work together. A FOUR MASTER is an expert in designing a system to meet your budget and sonic preferences.

A typical Audio Heaven system will include a speaker upgrade. The speakers chosen, will be dependent in part on the mounting positions available in your car as standard. For this example system we have assumed a 2-way component pair with a woofer size of 6.5". We also add a 4-channel amplifier and a subwoofer in an off the shelf enclosure.

Hertz Mille Pro speakers represent a significant upgrade to anything fitted as standard to any car. Designed to reproduce dynamic, clear distortion-free music across as much of the frequency spectrum as possible, they are perfectly at home rocking your world with classic rock or providing memories of a hands in the air moment in your favourite club. However, so versatile are they that they are just as competent with acoustic music including Orchestral, Jazz or Folk. The Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165 is a 2-way component set and high quality passive crossover that will work best when powered with a modest amplifier such as the Hertz HCP 4. This 4-channel class AB amplifier provides 55 Watts RMS to each of the front channels allowing the rear channels to be bridged (joined together) to provide 170 Watts RMS to an accompanying subwoofer. HCP amplifiers have proved themselves to be sonically proficient and a perfect match for the Mille Pro speakers. They are also built specifically to cope with the hostile environment of a car where temperatures and humidity can swing wildly.

A subwoofer is an essential part of a car audio system if you are looking to go to heaven! For this illustrative system we have chosen to keep it all in the family by recommending a Hertz Energy ES 300.5 12" subwoofer. This rugged subwoofer mounted in a purpose built enclosure will be perfectly happy with the 170 Watts available and will offer the potential of chest thumping bass or a subtle accompaniment to less bass reliant genres. As sub bass frequencies are not directional, the subwoofer can be placed in the rear luggage compartment and will still lend beautifully with the front speakers.

Prior to installing the equipment your FOUR MASTER will treat the front doors to reduce the possibility of unwanted resonances colouring the sound of the equipment and also to ensure that more of the sound ends up in the car rather than outside it! Here Skinz Sound Deadening is used and may well be supplemented with Skinz Wave Diffuser. A cellular foam layer that prevents reflected sound waves returning to the rear of the speakers and thus upsetting cone excursion, shape, and balance.

Although just an example, we have many customers driving around with this very system installed and all are extremely satisfied with their proximity to Audio Heaven.

Approx. Equipment Cost - £839.94

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Audio Expert

If you are a critical listener or audiophile, you will want the very best system for your car available. However, even taking this route offers a huge range of equipment and installation possibilities.

Driving Sounds Magazine often covers some superb examples of Audio Expert systems. If looking to define what makes a system "Expert", the general rule is a system built without physical compromise. To be more specific, it would be usual to see some kind of physical movement of speaker positions in order to achieve on-axis listening rather than coping with the often very poor standard mounting positions.

Although the brands we use all specialise in delivering the very best from standard mounting positions, there is nothing like pointing speakers directly toward the listener?s ears. This often requires the fabrication of specially shaped pods for tweeters and mid range speakers where directional information is key to final performance. Subwoofers are often built into custom enclosures and integrated seamlessly into the vehicle. All of this requires exceptional workmanship and dedication.

In terms of suitable equipment, there is an awful lot to choose from. As an example, the following system is based around the extremely capable Audison Voce range.

Some of the finest results we have heard begin with a three-way component speaker system up front. We highly recommend the Audison Voce AV 1.1, AV 3 and AV 6.5 component speakers. We would suggest running the tweeters and mids via a passive crossover and running the woofers from dedicated channels to achieve the best balance. At the heart of this system we would recommend the Audison Voce AV 5.1K, 5-channel amplifier. A pair of class A outputs offer superb distortion-free reproduction of mid and high frequencies while a pair of class AB channels provide plenty of power to the woofers. This leaves a 1000 Watt output for an Audison AV 12, 12" subwoofer.

At this level of equipment, signal processing is essential and we are blessed with a good choice from the Audison bit range. Our suggestion would be to us employ the Audison bit One which offers almost endless possibilities for equalisation, crossover settings and time alignment. Thought should be given to the music source for such a system also and these days some vehicles allow access to a pure digital output form the on board head unit using MOST. If your car does not have this then you could consider the Audison bit Play HD that will render 24bit 96kHz FLAC files - far superior to CD. Either of these source selections would enable digital signals to be injected directly into the amplifier reducing the number of D to A and A to D conversions necessary all of which may be prone to introducing bit errors! The equipment cost here is still quite reasonable however installation time and costs will need to be quoted, as they could be significant.

People who choose an Audio Expert system are real heroes in our eyes and are quite happy to push the boundaries in order to achieve near sonic perfection.

Approx. Equipment Cost - £4,004.90

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Click on a model below to download an article on an audio upgrade by Driving Sounds Magazine (79p each)


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