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The system suggestions shown are recommendations from FOUR MASTER professional installers. However, with a vast array of excellent car audio products to select from we are confident that we can provide you with the best system possible for your budget and taste.

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Honda - Car Audio Upgrades


Honda Civic - Audio Joy

The Honda Civic and all of its variations are nicely suited to an audio upgrade. With fairly generous space for a subwoofer and enclosure as well as standard position for 6", 2-way component speakers there are many ways to achieve better sound.

The most pleasing upgrades as always, begin with treating the doors for sound. As a minimum the Skinz Retail pack is utilised. This will significantly increase the rigidity of the door panels behind the woofers as well as damping unwanted resonances that can seriously colour sound if left unchecked. Of course, there is scope to add Skinz Wave Diffuser and Panel liner for a more comprehensive job but Joy can still be achieved without these additions.

The speakers of choice for this system are the very excellent Hertz ESK 165's. Capable of thumping full range and mid base with precise high frequencies looked after by a tetelon-domed tweeter and crossover network. The crossover allows for three different attenuation settings for the tweeter. These are used to match the driver?s taste and genre preferences. At the 0dB setting, these speakers make a fine job of reproducing classic rock music, upbeat vocals and club mixes. With the addition of a Hertz ES 200.5 8" subwoofer in a Q+ S88 enclosure, the bass reaches down to provide drama and drive to whatever music you choose to listen to. Here we generally use the very versatile Hertz HCP 4-chanel amplifier. We bridge one pair of channels to provide copious amounts of power to the subwoofer while a stereo pair is used to drive the full-range speakers.

Affordable, accurate, and great fun. This system works really well within the generous interior of this car.


Approximate equipment cost - £599.95.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Honda Civic - Audio Heaven

This popular vehicle can sound epic with the right approach. This system coaxes the best performance it can from a still modest budget and will thrill drivers who take the plunge.

The front speakers used are the relatively new line of Mille Pro speakers from Hertz. These speakers offer amazing performance for their cost. At home with all kinds of music but particularly suited to upbeat rock, dance and pop. The tweeters are phenomenally accurate and will help your FOUR MASTER to establish a 3D sound stage. The addition of an Audison bit 10, signal processor allows for precise taste matching as well as further enhancement of the sound stage with sophisticated time alignment and extensive equalisation possibilities on each of its channels.

The compact and deceptively powerful Hertz HDP 5, 5-chanel amplifier allows your FOUR MASTER to run the Mille Pro speakers actively for even finer control. This requires four of the five channels leaving the dedicated 340Watt RMS subwoofer output to drive a Hertz ES-F25 10" flat subwoofer fitted to a Q+ S1015 enclosure. This is plenty of power to offer sublime control of the subwoofers excursion leading to a warm, musical reproduction of low acoustic tones while taking care of very low high energy pulses as may be experienced in electronic music.

Of course, it would be folly to attempt to improve the sound of this vehicle without first treating the doors to reduce vibrations and unwanted resonances. Skinz Sound deadening takes car of this while the addition of Skinz Wave Diffuser ensures that up to 40% more of the speakers output is projected into the vehicle rather than rattling around in the void between the door panel and door card.

This system will take a Honda Civic owner to audio heaven no matter what their musical taste.


Approximate equipment cost - £1279.00.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Honda CRV - Audio Expert

Another spacious interior in this Honda classic deserve filling with strong, powerful sound. This system is very similar to that featured in Driving Sounds Issue VII and can be previewed on the Driving Sounds Club pages.

If you are looking for Expert audio, you must be prepared to compromise the aesthetics of your vehicle beyond the fitting of a subwoofer enclosure. One of the major challenges in this kind of vehicle is the distance between the standard positions for woofer and tweeter. Sound is directional at higher frequencies and so the lower the frequencies handled by the ankle-pointing woofers the less of a problem it will cause to the sound stage. One solution is to use a 3-way component set however in this vehicle, a position for the mid-range speaker needs to be created. This is achievable by remaking the front pillar trim (A-pillar trim) and including a ?bulge? to accommodate a 3" mid-range speaker. All FOUR MASTERS are capable of doing this for you and can either make trim from scratch and preserve the original for when the car is moved on or modifying the original trim.

As the tweeters on this vehicle bounce sound directly off the front screen, the image can still be difficult to manipulate and therefore your FOUR MASTER should do what they can to angle them toward the vehicle interior and away from the screen. There is space in the tweeter housing to allow for this.

With these positional issues corrected, a 3-way set of Hertz Mille Legends will provide a stunning audio upgrade offering home hi-fi quality and plenty of power when driven by the very excellent Hertz HDP 5 amplifier. This offers enough amplification to run the "Legends" in Active/Passive mode with the mid-range and tweeters driven from a pair of channels via the highly impressive passive crossover networks, leaving another pair to run the woofers in the doors. A separate high power subwoofer output from the HDP 5 is used to drive an Audison Prima APBX 10D 10" enclosed subwoofer for extremely low, highly musical bass that will blend perfectly with the front speakers despite being mounted in the luggage compartment.

The addition of an Audison bit 10 offers your FOUR MASTER the opportunity to fine tune the system very accurately for the drivers seating position or a more general sound stage for all occupants to enjoy. The addition of a remote controller provided a button to switch between up to four separate settings if required.

The result is a system that will last you a lifetime and render all of your music as the artist originally intended. Clarity and space around all of the musical elements and a total lack of distortion leads to a relaxed listen even at high volumes yet the fidelity of the system is maintained at low level listening. This level of install takes a good few man-hours to complete and this needs to be taken into account when budgeting for your Audio Expert system!


Approx. Equipment Cost - £2,429.93.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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