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The system suggestions shown are recommendations from FOUR MASTER professional installers. However, with a vast array of excellent car audio products to select from we are confident that we can provide you with the best system possible for your budget and taste.

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VW - Car Audio Upgrades


VW Audio Joy

This superb package from Audison will transform your driving experience in the MK 7 Golf beyond all expectations.

Audison has bought all of its expertise together to create this fantastic plug and play package for the Golf MK 7. Unusually, this package works with the existing factory supplied tweeters but these are tweaked beyond recognition within the heart of the Audison Prima 8.9 bit Amplifier. This minute amplifier is a genuine work of audio art. With eight channels of distortion-free amplification available, it allows installers to bridge channels to provide more power when required. On board processing contains a number of vehicle specific presets including one for the Golf MK 7, which makes set up of this package instant!

The Prima woofers included in the package feature a dramatically wide dispersion characteristic that overrides many issues caused by poor speaker placement. As previously mentioned the preset equalisation and time alignment settings also compensate for the performance of the standard tweeters. Finally, a purpose designed subwoofer enclosure houses a Prima subwoofer. All speakers are run actively with two channels even feeding the original OEM speakers in the rear doors. The addition of sound treatment to front and rear doors ensures a stable environment from which to achieve the best possible sound inside the car and removes the possibility of upsetting neighbours when returning home late at night!

The resultant sound of this package will have you wondering how you ever coped without it, such is the dramatic uplift in audio quality.

Approx. Equipment Cost - £1,109.97.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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VW Audio Heaven

The age of the weekend van is well and truly upon us with no more successful vehicle than the ubiquitous VW Transporter. Here is a relatively simple way to improve the sound in this vehicle beyond recognition.

Built with transportation of goods in mind, this vehicle has nowhere near the refinement of a luxury car but that doesn't mean that is cannot sound as good. One area that is extremely important in this case of vehicle is sound treatment. With large expanses of wobbly metal panels all over the vehicle the serious audio upgraded will want to go to town with the application of Skinz Sound deadening materials. You can do as much or as little as you wish of course but you will notice real benefits to deadening as may panels as your FOUR MASTER can get to, including roof and floor panels.

With this done, the vehicle will be much quieter on the road which makes the job of establishing great audio much easier. In this example, the speakers of choice come from the Audison Voce range and are married to the very excellent Audison 5-channel amplifier. The two-way front speakers are driven actively which gives maximum scope for a custom set up. The Voce AV 1.1 tweeters are astonishingly accurate when paired with the class A channels of the amplifier while class AB channels drive a pair of AV 6.5 woofers mounted in the doors. The remaining 1000 Watt monoblock channel is used to fire a Hertz Energy ES 200.5 8" subwoofer in a custom enclosure. The whole lot is controlled and shaped with an Audison bit 10, digital signal processor.

Intended for front passenger listening, you may be tempted to add an extra pair of speakers in the rear however, occasional rear-seated passengers will have no complaint even without these as the mighty Voce system will deliver accurate music to the front and rear of this vehicle without.

Approx. Equipment Cost - £1949.92.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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VW Audio Expert

The VW Touareg offers a sense of immense space. Its interior seems so vast that you might worry that no end of speakers installed could fill the vehicle with sound. However, with application of good installation techniques coupled with excellent equipment, it can sound fantastic.

As is fairly standard, the original system in this vehicle flatters to deceive for the time afforded to audition it in the VW dealership (about 2 mins). Out on the road however, the boominess of the bass and the irritating shizh at the top end soon becomes very tiring! If you love music, it is well worth spending on an upgrade.

To start with, the vehicle needs to be treated to stiffen large wobbly metal panels and create an environment in which a speaker will project sound into the car rather than into interior door cavities. Skinz Sound Deadening is the weapon of choice here for most FOUR MASTERS with wave diffuser added to minimise the risk of back waves upsetting the performance of the speakers.

The suggested system for this car includes a pair of Audison Voce AV K6 speakers and a 12" Audison Voce subwoofer in a custom enclosure. The very excellent Audison Voce AV 5.1K five-channel amplifier drives all of the speakers. An Audison bit One provides plenty of scope for much needed adjustment. We say "much needed" as one of the most noticeable "features" of the original speaker mounting positions is the distance between the tweeter on the dash and the woofers in the doors. The latter are mounted very low in the doors, as that is where our ears are! (huh?).

Employing a 5-channel amplifier along with a sound processor allows for extremely fine adjustment of equalisation and time alignment, both of which can have a profound effect on the resultant sound stage. If like us, you prefer your music up front and at ear level then having the processor "bit Tuned" is essential to get the time alignment right. Without this, the separation between tweeter positions and woofers will lead to a confused image and have you bobbing your head up and down trying to resolve the resultant fuzzy picture. The seemingly vast distance between the front speakers and rear mounted subwoofer are not as much of a challenge as sub bass is not directional, although careful phase compensation is required to ensure sub bass blends seamlessly to the front mounted woofers. The generous power of the subwoofer output on the Audison Voce 5.1K amplifier ensures that control is not a problem and in the specimen we tested you could not tell that the subwoofer was so far away.

This system will offer driver and passengers a first class system and what?s more, the use of a bit DRC remote control for the bit One offers a number of presets for storing different settings.

Approx. Equipment Cost - £2499.93.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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